Chloe’s ‘Susanna’ Boots – or are they?

Chloe has definitely scooped the title for winter’s most covetable footwear. Their ‘Susanna’ boot has wiped the board, popular with the glossies and bloggers alike. Bright postbox red, gold studs, buckles and a covetable chelsea heel, what’s not to like? Unsurprisingly, the high street has picked up on it’s popularity and transformed it for a more widespread market.

Chloe, Susanna, Boot, Chloe Susanna Boot, AW12
Chloe’s ‘Susanna’ Boot, £815. Image via

River Island’s interpretation is currently selling on the British high street for £90, a fraction of Chloe’s £815 price. Red, gold studs, buckles, chelsea heel… Sound familiar? Whether Chloe will take action for this is yet to be seen, however such hardline actions have been made easier over the last five years. Whilst designers were previously required to prove that an item was identical, more recent legislation allows a brand to highlight a specific aspect of the design, such as a buckle, heel or tassels, and demonstrate that it has been copied. Of course, whether River Island would be found guilty of infringement in any potential lawsuit remains to be seen.

River Island, Red Studded Boot, Susanna, Chloe, AW12
River Island Red Studded Boot, £90. Image via

Chloe is no stranger to courtroom dramas. In 2007, the uber-brand took Topshop to court over their See by Chloe dungaree dress. The high street Mecca were selling an almost identical dress for a fraction of the price (Chloe’s original was priced at £185, whilst Topshop’s a snip at £35). Topshop were ordered to pay £12,000 in compensation in addition to Chloe’s legal costs, and agreed to destroy more than 1,000 of the dresses remaining in it’s stores.

UPDATE: It seems River Island aren’t the only purveyors of a suspisciously similar red booty. ZARA is selling this pair for £119.


ZARA Red Studded Ankle Boots, £119


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